Oh AT&T I was so delighted

A new small business

Who wouldn’t be excited

Two phone lines you said

And the internet too

What you said-

I said

And now?

And now –

A big f#%& you!

(To me)

It’s been a year and a half now

On my third sucky plan

To change anything is impossible

I’d be better off talking through a can

Never any managers

Or history of my calls

Telling me that I have a great plan

You people sure have balls

So maybe you won’t talk to me

Passing me around for over an hour

So here’s my little present to you

With your great big telephone towers

Every month I write a check to you

With a look of disdain on my face

That’s my hard earned money

You pieces of s$%&!

Do you know how many cookies I have to make?!!

To pay for no customer service

(That one really pisses me off)

And a plan that I hate

But have no way to change

Because there’s never a boss

So thank you AT&T

For all that you’ve done

This is my way of repaying you

And it sure has been fun

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