This was one crazy week. And seriously, if my fingers were cakes, I would have mousse and buttercream dripping all over my pretty Sunday dress. Lucky for me it’s Monday.

I made ten cakes this week. Granted, as I write it now, it doesn’t sound like much. But if you were in my movie… Saturday of the week previous to my craze, I had only three cakes scheduled. One wedding cake on Thursday, one crazy Hawaiian themed cake for Saturday, and one baby shower cake for Sunday. By Saturday evening, I had added three more cakes to my repertoire and by Tuesday, the final four fell into place.

I delivered my first cake on Wednesday. It was a pretty cool cake because it had the face of the person’s birthday on it. Depending on your feelings about your own beauty, this may not work for you. He was a pretty dapper fellow, though. And if his looks didn’t impress you, his layers of chocolate cake with cream cheese and raspberries would’ve had you begging for more.

My second cake was the Thursday wedding cake. Hey, I got married on a Monday afternoon, so I thought it sounded like a brilliant idea. This cake was for a couple of tattoo artists. Really cool couple with great business cards and loads of tattoos. I got to see them on their wedding day. Her dress was so beautiful and showed off lots of tattoos-super cool. Anyway, I was totally stressing this cake because of their artistic level. Seriously, their tattoos are crazy. I’m not talking tweety bird and mickey mouse here. And hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I got a crazy cake tattoo? I did ask them that. They might have left my place and said – ‘okay, did we really just give that tool our money?’ But not to worry, the cake made it to the wedding on time, in one piece. Every chocolate and cream cheese bit of it. Odd though, I still have not heard from them. Hope it wasn’t anything they ate.

Now you see what’s happening here-I have eight cakes to go and we are already to Friday. I delivered four chocolate mousse cakes (that sounded breezy, right?) and then moved on to my biggest project for the week. This was a Hawaiian themed birthday cake. It would be covered in blue buttercream, surrounded by waves, fishes, palm trees, a lei, have a hula girl and a sandy beach with shells. I had been making the decorations over the previous weeks for the cake. This timing always works out better in my head than when I actually execute it of course. This cake was a pretty big deal for me. The gentleman who purchased it was a very nice man and trusted my judgement. Yes, I was a little miffed myself! He was excited about the cake and every time he told someone about the cake, they couldn’t believe he had paid me in full, he hadn’t tasted the cake, he didn’t know me, etc. Were these ‘friends’ of mine he was talking to? And they would offer up suggestions for cake flavors. We did end up with a quite a tribute to the Aloha state. The bottom layer was lemon cake with vanilla cream and pineapple confit. The top layer was chocolate with toasted coconut buttercream and macadamia nuts. I have since heard from this gentleman and he and all of his friends were quite pleased. Didn’t have to lay a golden egg after all. Although it might have felt better than a whole cake, hmmm.

The last three cakes went by so fast after all the other ones I hope I delivered the right ones to the right places. Actually, still haven’t heard from any of those people either. So either they did eat cake like the lovely wedding couple. Or the guy celebrating his 50th was having just a little too much fun to notice a ‘lovely baby bump’ on top of his pink cake.

You can check out all of these cakes on our facebook fan page. And add your fan photos if you have them! If you are interested in ordering a cake, contact us now!

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