My husband and I have an affliction. I am sure there is a name for it somewhere as every ailment these days has some sort of conjured up name. Let’s just call it – vacationing moving syndrome. (Hey I am counting on my readers to come up with something catchier-a contest if you will) Here’s the deal-everytime my husband and I travel somewhere we become star struck. Oh, this is the most beautiful place we have ever been we exclaim. Oh, pick up the real estate guide. Oh, look there is a storefront for lease. Oh, the cute little shops. Oh, the cute little restaurants. Totally sick we are. The only known cure for our disease is either unlimited funds so we could purchase a little pied a terre in each of our little crush towns or no traveling. And given our current economic state-the no traveling option seems to fit our bill.

But there is a hitch in our plans. We have wonderful friends who have wonderful jobs who know wonderful people who ask us to come to these wonderful places and work. Take the Berkshires for instance. We just returned from there. We went up to cook for the Food and Wine Festival at Tanglewood. If you haven’t been there-go! Tanglewood is incredilble. We had lunch on the lawn listening to the Boston Pops rehearse-not so bad. Especially when you remember we were working! And we served dinner from a beautiful home with a gorgeous view of the mountains and a crazy bear looking for leftovers. And there was the beautiful couple who had the most incredible garden you have ever seen. We asked if we could live with them and they said yes. They must know cool people when they see them.

So we got the real estate flyer, and we took a little drive, and we commented on the empty storefront for lease. And in the end we left. On our flight home we experienced the most horrible see your life flashing ride we had ever been on. Once we landed we decided we didn’t need to go anywhere for awhile. We were fine with being at home. Are we cured? No, we are sick, sick people. And we have a car.

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